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You want games.

You need games.

Bored of the latest FPS? VR making you nautious? Reflexes not what they used to be?

You need.. Classic Gaming and a new PC to play them on.

aIntroducing.. The Retrozz One

The Retrozz One is our flagship PC for the modern and classic gaming enthusiast. It's ultra sleek and compact design make it perfect for those late night LAN parties or couch gaming at a friend's house. Perfect for entertainment on the go.

Retrozz One Info..

aMORE POWER! The Retrozz Two

Sometimes you just need more.. more POWER. Combined with an advanced graphics card you'll be playing all the latest games in 4k (we won't hold it against you) and of course all the classics.

Retrozz Two Info..

Classic Minis 1

Classic Minis 2

Classic Minis 3

Classic Minis 4

Classic Minis 5

Classic Minis 6

MyRetrozz Classic Minis

Relive your youth, experience what made all modern entertainment possible.

You won't find any fancy pants nausea inducing 3d here. Just oldskool fun at it's finest.

More Info..

Pinball Minis

MyRetrozz Pinball (coming soon)

Experience all the thrill and excitement of the silver ball, without the real estate concerns.

Slow pace? Heck no! These balls will keep you hoppin for hours.

Coming Soon

What's Next?

What's Next

Our team of engineers are always hard at working on classic systems (mostly because we've chained them to a C64 with assembly coding manuals.)

What will they come up with next? The future.. is firmly rooted in the past.

Coming Soon