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The MyRetrozz Story

Great Fun

It's all about the games...

MyRetrozz is all about classic gaming. We remember a time when a pixel was awesome and sprites mattered.

Our goal is to provide the world with the best retro gaming experience possible. Whether it's enjoying memories of yesteryear, or discovering where gaming evolved from, we're on a mission to showcase awesome.

Join in on some oldskool fun times.

Meet the team @ MyRetrozz

That guy that makes coffee

At MyRetrozz we love coffee. In fact, to maintain an active gaming lifestyle we can go through 3 pots a day.

Ted makes the coffee. That makes Ted awsome and an indespensable member of the team.

The girl that takes care of accounting

Jane keeps our books in order and the bills paid. Jane has a unique sense of numbers, almost savant style really.

The dude that tests things

Coders always assume their code is perfect first time. That's never the case. We need testing.. LOTS of testing. That's where Joe comes in. Joe spends 22 1/2 hours a day just testing games, controllers, loaders and computer configurations.

That other guy we aren't sure even works here

There is that guy.. with the blue hat. We're not exactly sure what he does. He does drink a lot of coffee so he probably does SOMETHING? Right?

Cool hat dude.